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Outfits that Rock

From the gaudy fashion of the 80s, 90s clothes took a very dramatic turn.

For instance, the neon green colors of the clothing line of this era has given great ways for earthy greens while the big hair has become less favorable. The turn of the 90s made it possible for everyone to kick off the tight jeans so they could embrace the domination of comfortable baggy pants. Read More…



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The Retro Phase

Men and women’s clothing are currently all about the retro look from the early 90′s.

If you always dreamed about revisiting the 90′s your dream has finally come true. This is the latest fashion trend that is making waves and it doesn’t look like there are any plans of it becoming out dated any time soon. Read More…

90′s Urban Hip-Hop Fashion

tlc 90s hip hopclothesThe 90′s was a decade that was defined mostly by its music, this was the time when music videos really came to the mainstream and actually influenced people’s lives back then, this includes their choices in clothes. What really stood out was the 90′s urban hip-hop fashion; it was colorful and it was weird, but in a good way. For those of you who are too young to remember the decade when hip hop is more than just music, but a way of life, here are some of the fashion trends that was influenced by the music back then:

Snap-backs – You may think that snap-back caps are just a recent trend, it may surprise you to know that it all started back in the 90′s when hip hop legends like Tupac were rocking the look way before you ever did; and they actually took off the stickers and tags before they wore them.

Timberland and Lugz Boots – Back in the 90′s, even if you are not an avid outdoorsman, you can never go wrong when you are sporting a good pair of Timberlands or Lugz; until now their appeal and style are yet to show any sign of waning.

Overalls – If you think that overalls are only for little kids then you may not have seen an early video of DMX, Tupac, Busta Rhymes, and almost every other hip hop artist who got their start in the 1990′s. Whether you are wearing them with both straps attached or just one, you will definitely get some street cred with these kinds of pants.

Bandannas – Besides snap-backs, bandannas were also staple head gear for kids back in the 90′s, and not only were they stylish, they were functional as well.

Coogi Sweaters – Although these colorful sweaters were made famous by Bill Cosby, which is one of the nicest fellas you can ever meet, they were also favored by gangsta rappers like Notorious BIG, and even Snoop Lion were known to sport these really comfortable, and well-made sweaters.

Over sized Clothing – When you look up pictures for 90′s urban hip-hop fashion, you will find that people really liked to dress comfortably back then; as evidenced by the sheer number of people wearing really baggy clothes. It was chic and stylish to wear clothes that were 2 or even 3 sizes bigger, and everyone in the hip hop industry were loving the look.

The 90′s urban hip-hop fashion craze was not just colorful and somewhat crazy, it was also fun and helped people express themselves a whole lot better, which is why these trends never really died; they just toned down a bit.

The Shoes That Defined The Decade

la gear 90s shoesThe 1990′s were definitely the decade that was dominated by sneakers. Although boots like Doc Marten’s, Lugz, Timberland, and Florsheim’s were also pretty popular back then, it was sneakers that really defined the 90′s for most people. To help you go back down memory lane, or give you some insight on 90′s sneakers if you were too young to remember, here are some of the iconic kicks that you definitely should have if you were a Gen X kid.

Converse Chuck Taylor – The 90′s were all about grunge music, and back when Nirvana was rocking concert halls, their footwear of choice was the classic Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. The appeal of the Chucks did not really die down or even wane in popularity because they are as stylish now as they were more than fifteen years ago.

Reebok Pumps – Your shoes don’t fit right? No problem, just PUMP them. These basketball shoes were meant to make the shoes fit snugly around your feet, but the Reebok Pumps were seen more as a trivial novelty because it was actually pretty cool knowing that you can pump air into your shoes to make them tighter instead of actually buying sneakers that fit.

LA Lites – These shoes were popular back in the early 90′s, and you should thank your lucky stars that they were only “fashionable” for a year or so. There was nothing quite as satisfying back then than knowing that every time you took a step, a tiny LED light would flash in your sneakers; this really came in handy if you ever decide to go jogging in the middle of the night.

Anything “Jordan” – The 90′s was the decade when the NBA was dominated by one team and one man, Michael Jordan. The popularity of Jordan was so immense that there were not enough Air Jordans to satisfy the demand of the people. There was a time when they were so popular that simply slapping on a Jumpman logo on shoes will make them sell like hotcakes.

These are just some of the iconic 90′s sneakers that defined the lives of the people who got to live in that era, there are actually a whole lot more but there would not be enough space in this article to discuss them all. The 90′s was definitely a fun decade when it came to sneakers, there were so many choices and they came with their own little quirks that you can actually tell the personalities of people just by staring at their feet.

90′s Punk Skater Fashion – The Essentials

90s skatersAlthough skateboarding was already around in the 70′s and 80′s, it was back in the 90′s when they really reached the peak of their popularity; and this also gave rise to the 90′s punk skater fashion. The 90′s had its own share of fashion fads, mostly inspired by the music of them time, but skateboarders actually have unintentionally started their own fashion craze. If you were a skater back in the 1990′s, and you are not really particularly talented, you can at least look like you can skate with the best of them.

Baggy pants – Although the 90′s saw a huge influx of baggy pants, it was the skaters who took them to the extreme. There was a time in the mid-90′s when skaters wore pants that were so baggy that you won’t even see their shoes, it was also fashionable back then for the bottom of your pants to be all frayed and tattered.

Adidas Superstar – In the early 90′s, before skateboarding became mainstream and shoe companies actually made skate shoes, the quintessential sneakers for 90′s punk skater fashion was the Adidas Superstar. Not only were these sneakers stylish, the rubber toecap, thick rubber soles, and mostly leather construction meant that they were shoes that can take a whole lot of beating, which is why almost every kid in skate parks in the 90′s wore them.

Beanies – It does not matter if it is the middle of the summer and the temperature is so hot outside that you can actually fry an egg on the sidewalk, if you were a skater in the 90′s then you must wear a beanie outside. With regards to improving performance, the beanie does not have any benefits whatsoever, but it does look cool though.

The plain white T-shirt – Sure there were plenty of skaters who wore crew necks sweats, windbreakers, and other kinds of tops, but it was the plain (sometimes printed) white T-shirt that completes the entire look of a skater. The great thing about white t-shirts is that they go well with everything; whether you wear baggy pants, chinos, or even track pants, your white t-shirt will match them perfectly.

These are only some of the pieces of clothing that you would find in the typical 90′s punk skater’s closet, there are actually a lot more of them but it would take forever to enumerate and discuss them all; but the ones mentioned above maybe enough to allow you to imagine how skaters looked like in the 90′s.

Fashion Fads

90s-fads-scunchiesIf you liked to make fun of your parents for wearing tie-dyed shirts, bell bottom pants, and Peace medallions, then you might want to take a step back and remember the 90′s fashion fads that you willfully indulged in and prepare to cringe with the many bad choices that you made.

Baggy Ethnic Pants – You can thank MC Hammer for why you thought it was alright for you to wear really baggy ethnic print pants back in high school. These pants were so outrageously vibrant that you cannot help but to strut when you walk; or maybe the wind was making it difficult for you to keep straight.

LA Gear Lights – LA Gear was not really known for making the most stylish of sneakers back in the 90′s, but they did manage to stumble on a genius idea; they strapped lights on the heels of their shoes! So even though you were wearing poorly-designed shoes that provide little to no arch support, they do light up with every step so you cannot help but smile.

Denim on denim – The 90′s was when Levi’s really made a killing with their sales, and this was also the decade when wearing a denim shirt (yes, they do exist) or jacket with your blue jeans was publicly acceptable; it was so popular back then that power couples like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore matching outfits to the AMA in 2001, which only goes to prove that the power of the denim held for more than just ten years.

Scrunchies – You can thank the girls from Friends for making the scrunchy the must-have hair accessory for girls in the 90′s. These really bulky hairbands were the solution for the women on the go who cannot be bothered to properly style their hair.

Platform Sneakers – If you were a huge supporter for Girl Power, then you must have at least one pair of platform sneakers (regardless of whether you are a guy or a gal). The massive popularity of the Spice Girls in the 90′s made people believe that it was alright to wear 4-inch high sneakers and possibly break your ankles because they were “fashionable”.

These are only some of the 90′s fashion fads and mistakes that most people would not really want to remember, but if you do not want history to repeat itself then you need to bear with the painful memories of the past so you can learn to not do them ever again.

90′s Makeup and Cosmetics Trends

90s glitter britney spearsAs with every era in fashion, the 90′s also has its share of horrid fashion choices that will make you cringe and think about what possessed you to even give them a try. To make sure that history will not repeat itself, here are some of the 90′s makeup and cosmetics trends that should remain dead and buried deep underground.

Over-plucked Eyebrows – Back in the 90′s it was sexy for women to have wispy eyebrows, which is why they went through great lengths and endured an insane amount of pain to pluck away all of the offending hairstrands from their brows. Thankfully, full brows are back in style nowadays so you only have to pluck out the strays.

Glitter Everywhere – Glitter was probably really cheap to make back them because you can literally find them everywhere you look; there was glitter in lipstick, blushes, eye shadows, there was even glitter-infused hairspray back in the good old Spice Girls era. The great thing about having glitter all over you back then is that motorists can see you even in the dead of the night.

Extremely Dark Lipstick – Back in the 90′s, the ladies really liked their lips to be as dark as humanly possible. These were the days when shades of dark brown and even purple were all the rage; thank goodness that these kinds of fads come and go.

Grunge Look – Thanks to Courtney Love, there were also a lot of angst-filled teens who stocked up on overly dark and extremely runny mascara, and vibrant red lipstick. The trend back then was to look like you put on makeup in a messy, “i don’t care what you think” manner; the irony here is that girls still take a long time applying their makeup even though they looked like they did not care.

Matte Skin – This was a stark contrast to the 80′s with the sleek and shiny look; in the 90′s people preferred their skin to look as matte and almost lifeless as possible. Face powder was quite popular back then, and most teens would take care that they would look like Edward Scissorhands or Marilyn Manson as much as possible.

The 90′s were definitely a lot of fun and the 90′s makeup and cosmetics fads certainly showed it. If your choice of makeup back then made you cringe, then you can take comfort in the fact that your children will feel the same way you do now in a decade or two.

Platform Shoes

Just like mar-mite… you either love them or hate them, but platform trainers are most definitely making a comeback. Typically a 90s fashion fad, platform trainers combine the comfort of a trainer with the glamor of a high heel for the best of both worlds.

They might remind you of the Spice Girls but this blast from the past trend has evolved into something a little less in your face with lots of fashionable and quirky wedge and high heel trainers making an appearance. A must have shoe for the latest Sport Luxe trend, wear wedge and high heel trainers with 90′s-inspired fashion and pretty floral dresses for this season’s retro look.

From wedge and high heel to pumps and trainer boots, there’s so many out there that it can be difficult to make your decision, so take a look at the different styles of platform trainers to see which appeal to you.

Wedge trainers

With a wedge heel and trainer design, you couldn’t find a more comfortable high heel than wedge trainers. Whether you love a towering heel or a flatter one, you’ll find there is a wide choice of wedge trainers with varying heel heights to suit all preferences. Certainly a must have for this summer, wear white or black wedge trainers with jeans or leggings, while there are also lots of metallic wedge trainers in gold and silver that will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.

High heel trainers

If you want to stay ahead of all the latest fashions, throw on a pair of high heel trainers with a floral dress and set the fashion trends. With a chunky heel and trainer design, high heel trainers typically come in marl grey, white and black, making them ever so versatile, but again you’ll also find many in gold and silver to keep up with the metallic trend. Many high heel trainers also have a platform heel for extra comfort and height.

Platform pumps

For a cute twist on this fashion trend, platform pumps are very sweet shoes that take the style of a pump and add a platform sole, which come in so many different styles including a flat wedge, high heel or wedge trainers. A platform pump looks cute with so many different outfits, wear with jeans or leggings for a casual appearance or add a quirky twist to a floral dress or skirt.

Platform trainer boots

If you love the platform trainer look but think the other styles are a little bit too girly for you then you’ll certainly fall in love with platform trainer boots. Combining that must have platform, wedge or heel with a trainer in the style of a boot, they have a much more chunky design that appeals to people with an alternative sense of fashion. Whether black, brown, beige or bronze, buy a pair of these platform trainers for a funky biker chick look.

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Dress Up Like The 1990s

There is always some point in time when a particular era goes back in to fashion. This simply means that the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, and 90′s will be seen as hot styles at certain points in time. Thus, it is a very important thing to remember that wearing a particular fashion should be done properly. Why? It is because sooner or later, you will probably wear these fashions styles once more.

The 90′s style may not have surpassed the other styles of today due to the fact that people in this present era are still a little bit stuck in the 80′s. The same thing is also true with 90′s clothes. The 90s are actually the decade of grunge rock. It is also the decade where we were introduced to the crazy world of internet and the time when people became friends with the TV show Friends. If you want to be updated and would not want to look stupid about 90′s outfits and fashion, here is how you should dress up yourself accordingly to this era.

Outfits for the Girls

One thing to keep in mind when you want to wear fashion from the 90′s is that you might want to show your belly button. Take note that shirts and blouses during the 90s are a few inches above the waist. Other people call these shirts and blouses as “hanging.” Take time to find shirts and blouses with stripe patterns to help you reveal that 90′s feeling.

90s Hip Hop Fashion

This is the kind of fashion which made people of the nineties get real. Hip-hop artists all seemed to wear over sized shirts and pants. These two pieces of clothes go together like peanut butter and jelly.  more they become more appealing when they are worn with accessories like over sized necklaces, bracelets, and others. So if you want to go 90s, wear this kind of hip-hop costume.

When you wear 90s clothes, you have to take note that flannels are not only meant for those people working as lumber jacks. If you want to look like people in the 90s, you have to look for flannels that are inspired by grunge. They are great choices for both genders looking for ways to wear flannels of the 90s.

In the same way, overall clothes are not only for people in the farm. As a matter of fact, many of those who have tried overalls considered these clothing as the most comfortable of all. Many people all over the world wear this kind of clothing but women wore them the most in the 90s.

90s Outfits For Girls

Fashion from the 90s is also depicted by wearing vests. Who says that vests are only meant for the corporate people and bankers?  Simply wear a t-shirt with a loose vest on it and you’re out the door.

90s outfits for girls will never be complete without the baby doll dress. Make sure that the dress should not fit your quite well and it should come with silly and large buttons on it. A short and tight polyester dress with lace is the perfect choice whenever you need to attend formal gatherings or occasions.